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By: LisaJoannedJxB | March 08, 2016


Plasma cutters, though basically similar to torches and welding equipment, are different because they are designed to cut metal use a plasma beam. The term plasma refers to the fourth state of matter, a high energy state of matter in which a substance is super heated. If you have trouble understanding what a plasma is, just remember that the gases on the sun are constantly super heated into a plasma state by the fusion reactions going on there. A plasma is a state of matter that in which an ionized gas is super heated until it has properties of both a liquid and a gas simultaneously. The plasma beam itself may reach temperatures as high as 15,000 degrees Celsius.


Learn about how a plasma cutter works. By reaching such high temperatures turning ionized gas into a plasma beam, you are likely wondering how a plasma cutter can be safe when used on the work site? The compressed gas is then ignited by a high voltage spark which quickly heats it to the point that a plasma if formed. If the specifications of a plasma cutter refer to an amperage of voltage reading, such as it being 50 amp for instance, these specifications refer to this high voltage spark.


The nozzle of the Lotos LT5000D plasma cutter is soon flooded with compressed gas where it comes into contact with the high voltage spark and is instantly super heated to temperatures approaching 15,000 degrees Celsius, where it flows out a small opening in the nozzle and is directed onto the material that you are planning to cut. These days there are two basic types of approaches used to making a plasma in a plasma cutter. These include HF or high frequency contact plasma cutters and and plasm cutters that use what is known as a pilot arc.


Using a plasma cutter offers you several advantages when compared to other types of metal cutting devices. By being forced through such a small opening, plasma cutters actually feature a highly focused and extremely fast beam of concentrated plasma. With such a fast and highly concentrated beam of plasma, your plasma cutter can actually make cuts that are accurate as a laser cutter but much faster. A plasma cutter may also be mounted on a table called a CNC cutting table or can be used in a hand held and portable model as well, making plasma cutters extremely versatile.


If you want to find the best plasma cutter for the money, the best thin you can do is look online for plasma cutter reviews. To find more information about plasma cutters, including how they work and online reviews of some of the most popular models, the first thing you should do is perform a search engine search for plasma cutters in your local area.

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